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Spe­cial vehi­cles • Fire­fight­ing equipment

Yes, we can also play fire brigade for you. And we can not only pre­tend to do so, but we can do it for real. Because, as with fire effects, the skill does not lie in set­ting some­thing on fire but to do it in a con­trolled way.

While a gar­den sprayer or a fire extin­guish­er are suf­fi­cient for small­er effects, a lit­tle more back­up is need­ed for larg­er effects. The same applies to large rain or water sets. With­out a mas­sive array of machines, these can­not be realized.

There­fore, we have three fire-fight­ing tankers and one truck-based water can­non at our dis­pos­al. Fur­ther­more hun­dreds of hoses in all sizes, motor pumps up to 20 Kw, elec­tric pumps up to 30 Kw, all oth­er acces­sories and peo­ple who can han­dle them as well. Should the water sup­ply on site become dif­fi­cult, we can deploy mobile stor­age tanks for water and can store more than 100 cubic metres of water on site if required.

And if the action should take place in front of the cam­era, our entire equip­ment is of course also avail­able to you. Our water can­non for exam­ple is glad­ly used by pro­duc­tions to add some real­ism to the atmos­phere of riots.

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