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Crash glass • Rub­ber glass

The orig­i­nal stuff is almost NEVER used in its destroyed form on set and even then only with utmost cau­tion — the rea­sons for this are obvi­ous to every­one. That’s why crash glass and rub­ber glass are used when­ev­er con­tact with peo­ple or sen­si­tive objects is nec­es­sary.
The clas­sic props here are the bot­tle that is smashed on someone’s head or the glass pane through which a stunt­man jumps. In addi­tion, shards and glass splin­ters, which are safe to touch and lie down into, are often used.

But even the use of crash glass and rub­ber glass as a replace­ment has its per­ils and myths. Even today, peo­ple use the term “sug­ar glass”, although its use has been aban­doned for decades. Also it is sup­posed to be impos­si­ble to injure one­self with crash glass…

We will be hap­py to advise you in detail before­hand and offer the pro­duc­tion of items accord­ing to your ideas. In addi­tion, we always have a small assort­ment of arti­cles in stock for urgent cases.

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