In the eighties, low-lying fog was the standard effect for larger shows, sometimes a little fire and the icing on the cake was the laser show. Today's demands are much greater: pyrotechnics, fog jets, flame projectors, hazers, confetti cannons etc. are commonplace at many events today.

We can offer these and other effects from our machine outfit at any time and furthermore we have a wide range of devices developed in our company. As you may also have read on the previous pages, one of our focal points is the development and construction of special effect technology. To create an unprecedented effect is thus for all intents and purposes - everyday life for us.

In the field of pyrotechnics we can also offer a wide range of products from around the world. From a few fountains to a complete pyroshow with a full-fledged firework display - everything is possible. Our SFX technicians also have a great deal of in-depth knowledge, thanks to their work on film sets, which means they are used to safely perform large effects in close proximity to people.

And even if you would like to have low-lying fog again, we can offer it to you - with the difference that nowadays this is now possible by simply switching on a machine.