In films, on stage, at trade fairs and events, the audience expects impressive effects today. Of course, digital tricks are futile in front of an audience and even in the case of film, the problem with the interaction of machine and actors quickly arises.

The constructive problems we are faced with in films are very diverse and range from simple mechanics to complex, computer-controlled mechatronic systems. This makes us one of our biggest customers, because more than 70% of our effect devices are designed and built by us. You simply can't buy them anywhere or similar devices would not be able to cope with the strain.

We also use this expertise in the construction of stage mechanics and functional models, as our workshop allows us to build and test large-volume constructions at any time. Our machine shop is equipped with all common tools for metal, plastic and wood working, including rapid-prototyping tools such as CNC milling machines, laser cutters and 3D printers.

If required, we can also offer certifications for our constructions according to german DGUV 17/18 (BGV C1), DGUV 315-390 (BGG / GUV-G 912), DIN 56950-1:2012-05, ArbSchG and other technical regulations. Certifications for other countries upon request. We also offer wind load calculations, structural analysis and if necessary monitoring of the manufacturing process by certification authorities such as Dekra, TÜV etc.

Please note, that a posterior certification for special constructions such as leisure facilities, amusement rides and all constructions involving audience is not possible and must start before the start of the construction phase.