Yes, we can also play fire brigade for you. And we can not only pretend to do so, but we can do it for real. Because, as with fire effects, the skill does not lie in setting something on fire but to do it in a controlled way.

While a garden sprayer or a fire extinguisher are sufficient for smaller effects, a little more backup is needed for larger effects. The same applies to large rain or water sets. Without a massive array of machines, these cannot be realized.

Therefore, we have three fire-fighting tankers and one truck-based water cannon at our disposal. Furthermore hundreds of hoses in all sizes, motor pumps up to 20 Kw, electric pumps up to 30 Kw, all other accessories and people who can handle them as well. Should the water supply on site become difficult, we can deploy mobile storage tanks for water and can store more than 100 cubic metres of water on site if required.

And if the action should take place in front of the camera, our entire equipment is of course also available to you. Our water cannon for example is gladly used by productions to add some realism to the atmosphere of riots.