Only since approximately the year 2014, drones or multicopters are be used in the film industry, but since then have already become an integral part in aerial filming technology. Today, they are a cost-effective replacement for camera cranes or helicopters on set for many productions.

In recreational activities however, their use much more widespread and with an estimated number of over 600.000 units sold in Germany in 2016 alone, they are also starting playing a role in front of the camera. Drones can be found in advertising as well as in feature films, e.g. as a transport drone for a logistics company, as a surveillance device in an action film, or as an element that an actor in a comedy staggeringly fails to control.

Most of the time the industry does not offer the desired model for such applications and so we can help with conversions or special designs. We have been working with this technology since 2007 and have built everything from miniature models with grapplers for transporting documents, to large camera drones and 30kg heavy lifters.

However, we also carry out special effects with drones - fascinating possibilities arise from the installation of effects or lighting equipment on appropriately sized multicopters. Just ask us, because we don't want to reveal too much here.