Remote-controlled drones or multicopters have become an integral part of film production for a few years now and offer a wide range of possibilities in image creation, minimum space requirement at a fraction of the cost compared to a montion-controled crane or helicopter. This allows you to take more shots per day, capture this impossible perspective, react quickly to script changes and fly in places that are not accessible to larger aircraft.

Thanks to our own production facilities, we can also implement any special request for a flying camera system. Our multicopters are generally constructed as follows:

General characteristics
  • High carrying capacity for cameras such as GoPro, DSLR, Red Epic/Dragon, Arri Alexa Mini etc.
  • Long flight times. Typically 35min with GoPro & onboard camera. 25min with Canon 5D. 20min with Red Epic or BMCC. (Longer flight times on request)
  • 3-axis camera head with gyro stabilization provides vibration-free and stable images even when flying curves.
  • Camera control is completely independent of flight movements, separate control panel for camera operator with live image.
  • Wireless preview monitor for director etc.
  • Computerized 3D flight control system; Aircraft movements can be repeated precisely at any time.
  • Safety system against failure of system components or failure/failure of the remote control.

Technical specifications
  • Size: Up to 1.6m x 0.3m without camera head, 1.6m x 0.8m with camera
  • Speed: up to 60km/h
  • Flight radius: Up to 800m under manual control (in some countries only on sight), up to 10km under computer control in autonomous flight mode
  • Initial setup time: 1-3h depending on camera system. Shot to shot: 5min
  • Operating time per day: Theoretically unlimited, depending on outdoor temperature and flight schedule.
  • Camera head: Three axes. Gyro stabilized. Unlimited pan, up to 360° tilt & roll. Remote release.
  • Operating conditions: max. Wind 5-6Bft (45km/h). Temperature: +45° C/-15° C. Max. Operating height depending on altitude, temperature, air pressure and camera system