We roughly divide here into three categories: props which would be dangerous by their use in normal form, props which are supposed to get an extended functionality and props which represent a completely new construction. Here are a few examples:

Defanged props
  • Knives with modified blades
  • Light boulders
  • Baseball bats with soft ends
  • Non-hardening concrete
  • Blunt glass fragments
  • Soft pine cones
  • High voltage simulations

Modified props
  • Extra bright flashlights
  • Vacuum cleaner with confetti thrower
  • Controlled collapsing bench
  • Iron with remote controlled steam outlet
  • Easily destructible shackle lock
  • Walking stick with built-in rapier
  • Remote-controlled washing machine

"Custom" props
  • Hand-held launcher for fireworks
  • Mobile flying carpet
  • Pocket computer prototype
  • Crow's nest with rotating cannon ring
  • Wood fired espresso machine
  • SciFi measuring device
  • LED suit

Our workshop makes and modifies almost every type of props, if necessary. Please keep in mind that it will be cheaper for you to contact us as early as possible.

Unfortunately, there is a tendency for productions to avoid spending money on special props as long as possible and to wait a very long time to commission them. We can then still manufacture a lot of things in a very short period of time, but this unfortunately goes hand in hand with additional costs or sometimes it's not possible any more.