The laboratory, depicted in movies mostly as the classic place for geniuses and lunatics alike - strange devices, bubbling apparatuses, colored liquids, chemical reactions; the "standard", so to speak. We will help you with your props department if necessary, making shure the setup becomes a little bit more plausible and thus you'll don't need to display three oscilloscopes with Lissajous figures somewhere in a shelf for the umpteenth time.

And you can also forego many a digital effects, because we also know a large number of visually attractive chemical reactions that are otherwise known only to professionals at most.

The same applies to measuring instruments - why replace screens or printouts digitally if we can generate arbitrary measurement results with connected simulation technology or internal modifications. The deflection of a geiger counter, the movement of dozens of displays on a machine when it is switched on or the heartbeat on the ECG.

And of course, we also build (almost) every construction, laboratory or measuring instrument you need - with or without function. We can also make use of our own assortment of items, especially glassware.