James Bond and Batman are probably the two foremost examples of movie heroes with unique means of transport. The genre of science fiction also repeatedly creates admirable pieces of art in this field. The supreme discipline here certainly is the construction of a complete, functional vehicle. However, most of the time we carry out conversions on normal vehicles, which are difficult to recognize at first sight, or respectively are not even visible in the picture.

When cars literally fly into the air, doors are ripped off, shots are fired through and normal actors drive daring stunts, the SFX team was already at work.

Modifications are also carried out with the aim of ensuring that the vehicles can be used safely from all parties involved. For example installation of reinforcements, shifts in balance point, fire protection etc.

As you can see on one picture off this page, we don't shy away of airplanes and remodeled the military version from a civilian helicopter. Here however, our possibilities are limited as long as you want to fly in Germany - in other countries the legal situation is sometimes considerably less complicated.

Vehicle construction is sometimes a very time-consuming matter. Many days, weeks and sometimes even months can be necessary for planning, construction and functional tests. We'll gladly tell you what you have to expect.