Unlike all other special effects, wind is not visible. It only becomes through his interaction with people or objects in front of the camera. This results are waving hair, leaves flying through the air, dust that swirls up, trees that move and many other effects.

But we also often use it as a support for some of our effects to help us get better results; so we are for instance able to direct rain, fire and smoke in a certain direction or to influence it in other ways.

The methods and techniques for generating wind are as varied as its effects. We have wind machines, fans, centrifugal fans and compressed air technology in stock in any size to be able to implement the effects our customers require.

Large wind machines have a high energy demand and can quickly require well over ten thousand watts of electrical power. If your power supply on set is not able to handle such demand, then we can also perform almost every effect with our motor- or battery-operated machines.

What is there to consider?

Large wind machines are heavy and require a rather flat and load-bearing surface for operation. Good access roads also make transport to set much easier.

Many techniques for creating large wind effects are very noisy. We also distribute hearing protectors for actors and teams, but the original sound on the set will inevitably suffer from this. There are ways to reduce the volume considerably, but we want to mention the fact that this is very costly.
Wind generates wind loads and these can destroy a normal set or equipment in seconds, depending on the size of the effect and the affected area. This can be required by the script in the case of the set, but should NOT happen by chance.

We are therefore happy to advise your construction staff in the implementation of suitable scenery and instruct your film crew in special precautions. Of course we also build parts of sets as so-called breakaways, which can then be easily destroyed by the wind without endangering your actors.
Rule applying to sets also apply to actors. If your footing is insecure, it'll blow you over; especially when using large wind machines or other technology that generates high wind speeds.

We therefore offer training and pre-tests to minimise the risks and provide an assessment, whether an effect has to be built up differently or the use of stunt personnel is a better solution.