This effect also offers the possibility to apply it in a wide variety of ways. Basically, we mostly simulate the effects of projectile impact from handguns here. Depending on the substrate, the effects are very different and we roughly distinguish between human body, soild, wood, metal, brickwork and props. From a certain size on, we speak of an explosion.

What would an action movie be without pictures like the ones on this page? Bland... Unfortunately, there are also attempts to replace the real thing with digital effects. But then the subtle randomness of such effects unfortunately falls by the wayside. Usually with the result, that these images all look alike and the viewer gets a boring overall impression.

Also not to be underestimated is the effect on the performance of your actors. Interaction with a real impact on your own body or its immediate surroundings cannot be replaced by digital post-processing. These emotions you'll get together with the effect for free, so to speak.

The implementation almost always requires the cooperation of several departments, e. g. a. Art, vehicles, construction, costume etc. Therefore, early collaboration is highly recommended here, as the preparation of i.e. a car body or a set with many hits can take many days.

But your audience and the critics will thank you...

What is there to consider?

99% of all bullet hits are done with special pyrotechnics. For this purpose, official approval is mandatory. Without it, our work will be a criminal offence. Expect at least two weeks of processing time!

If you want to use props, we need to examine them carefully. If there is the possibility of dangerous splinters, we will need to recreate it as a so-called breakaway prop.
In this case, we seldom do bullet hits in existing building substance, as we usually have to carry out drilling and cutting work. More likely parts of the original will be made as breakaways and assembled or mounted on site. The owner or manager of a location also needs to a provide a (written) agreement to the production.

Outside, bullet hits are usually not a problem unless we have to do them on and into plants for example. In some cases, irreparable damage must be taken into account here.

In buildings, the presence of a fire alarm system must be checked and deactivated before the effect.
Bullets hits inside a studio are usually trouble-free; however, attention should also be paid to existing fire alarm systems.
Special care must be taken when shooting into the vicinity of persons! Bullet hits for use near people are specially manufactured and cannot be replaced by "normal" bullet hits without any exception.

Actors and actresses will always be instructed by us before the effect is performed. Depending on the complexity of the scene, it makes sense to provide us with several costumes for preparation in advance, as bullet hits naturally have a destructive effect on the material.
Only in the rarest cases, problems will arise for the general equipment on set. Only in the immediate vicinity of the effect danger lurks, thus mostly the camera is involed. We will gladly advise your camera crew and manufacture protective housings etc. if required.

It goes without saying that a stay in the active area of the effect without good reason is not permitted. For cameras, remote heads should be used if possible. If this is not possible, we will work out a solution together with you.