A car drives through a wall, a fist fractures a board, someone rips a seemingly massive chain, objects are torn up in close-up by an explosion or the classic glas bottle is shattered on someone's head....
In order to be able to shoot such scenes during a production without to much danger for actors and equipment, we use so-called breakaways.

These are copied or modified props, parts of sets or even complete sets that are only built so one can destroy them relatively safely.

For this purpose our workshop produces breakways using special materials and working techniques. So splinters of breakaways will not injure actors, props can be destroyed more impressively and some stunts only become feasible.

What is there to consider?

Accurate planning is absolutely necessary; prior to construction, the intended effect must be 100% certain. After all, once a breakaway is built to fulfill a special purpose, it can usually no longer be used in a different way.
E.g. a wall through which a car can drive safely, will not be suitable for use in a motorcycle stunt. Also some items manufactured as breakaways are so sensitive, that they cannot be modified afterwards or have a limited shelf-life.